TACTIC's second case study workshop on earthquakes

Second workshop on preparedness for earthquakes in Turkey held in Kaynasli, Turkey

Middle East Technical University (METU) hosted the second workshop on preparedness for earthquakes in Turkey on 26 November 2015. The workshop was held in Kaynasli, Duzce (Turkey) and focused particularly on the risk of earthquakes in Kaynasli. Representatives of public organisations from the local and regional levels responsible for earthquake risk management, representatives of non-governmental organizations and members of the community interested in preparing for earthquakes participated.

The aims of the workshop were to:

      • Obtain feedback on the draft version of TACTIC’s two self-assessments designed to: 1) help organisations evaluate and improve their risk communication and education activities addressing the risk of earthquakes and 2) support the general public in assessing and improving their preparedness for earthquakes.
      • Receive feedback on a catalogue of good practices of communication and education for earthquake preparedness.
      • Present the current status of the online platform hosting  the self-assessments and the catalogue of good practices for learning about preparedness for large-scale and cross-border disasters and to receive feedback for improvements from the workshop participants.

This workshop was one of four follow-up workshops that are being held as part of the project’s case studies focusing on terrorism, floods, pandemics, and earthquakes. 

The workshop report is available here: Short Report on Workshop 2: Case Study Earthquakes in Turkey